Composite Materials Lab

The Composite Materials Laboratory engages in the design, manufacture, and experimental evaluation of polymer matrix composite materials applied mainly in structural applications. 

Key Faculty:

Recent Research Projects:

  • Development and characterization of advanced fiber and particle reinforced polymer composites for flywheel energy storage systems, self-sensing structures, and adaptive structures with variable shape and stiffness
  • Characterization of mechanical and durability characteristics of composites for civil, mechanical, and aerospace applications
  • Development of lightweight vehicular structures with integral energy storage

Manufacturing Facilities:

  • Programmable 4-axis filament winder with a 78-in. carriage and 15-in. cross-feed
  • Programmable 25 and 50 ton hot presses with 850°F maximum temperature
  • Resin transfer molding mix/pump station with 1-146:1 mix ratio and 54-362 cc/cycle pump rate
  • Pultrusion line with a 32-spool creel
  • Horizontal braiding machine with 36 bobbin carriers
  • Two-roll mill
  • Prepreg layup room with environmental control
  • Composite cutting tools and machine shop
  • Walk-in and chest freezers
  • Ultrasonic and magnetic mixing systems
  • Chemical hood
  • Multiple curing ovens
  • Access to a 3´7 ft. autoclave with 750°F maximum temperature capability

Testing Equipment:

  • 3- and 5-kip servo-hydraulic load frames
  • 60-kip screw-driven load frame
  • Two 12-kip creep frames with 550°F ovens
  • Split Hopkinson pressure bar setup
  • Contact and non-contact strain measurement systems
  • Digital data acquisition systems
  • 10-50´ optical microscope
  • 150´ long-distance microscope
  • Hydraulic jacks to 100 kip
  • Multiple environmental conditioning chambers
  • Pneumatically driven sled for crash simulation
  • High-range electrical current measurement systems and voltage generation systems
  • Cryogenic testing chamber
  • Flywheel spin test chamber
  • Access to higher force and torque testing systems


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