ESM Early Career Recognition Award

ESM Early Career Recognition Award

The ESM Early Career Recognition Award recognizes alumni who have distinguished themselves at work (e.g., academia, industry, government, military) and in their community within the first 10 years after earning their latest Penn State engineering science and mechanics degree.

Nominations are sought from anyone who knows an ESM alumna or alumnus who has distinguished themselves in one or more of these areas.

To nominate an individual for the ECR Award, please complete the supporter form. Please ask the candidate to submit the candidate form. Please note that individuals may also nominate themselves.

Candidates are encouraged to submit letters of support from colleagues, supervisors, or other appropriate references. Up to four letters of support may be submitted. We encourage at least one support letter for work achievements and one support letter for community achievements. Inclusion of a curriculum vitae or résumé from the nominee with a limit of three pages, and an emphasis on the nominee’s most significant or recent accomplishments is required.

Nominations Deadline

Nominations are now open for the 2022/2023 awards. Please complete a supporter form and send to

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Muhammad Faryad (’12 Ph.D. ESMCH)

2019/2020 (Fall and Spring)

Corey Cochrane (’04 B.S. EE, ’07 M.S. EE, ’14 Ph.D. E MCH)

Joshua Park (’14 B.S. E SC, ’15 M.S. ESMCH)

Jacqueline Van Pelt (’09 B.S. E SC)


Spring: Jonathan Pitt (’05 M.S. E MCH, ’09 Ph.D. ESMCH)


Fall: Guneet Sethi (’04 M.S. E MCH, ’08 Ph.D. ESMCH)

Spring: Abby Dodson (’12 E SC)


Amber Black (’14 Ph.D. ESMCH)


Benjamin Ross (’06 E SC, ’07 M.S. ESMCH)


Fall: Shawn Keebaugh (’03 E SC, ’08 Ph.D. ESMCH)

Spring: Mukul Dixit (’07 E SC, ’08 M.S. ESMCH, ’12 M.Eng. SYSEN)


Joseph Geddes (’01 E SC, ’01 M.S. ESMCH, ’06 Ph.D. ESMCH)


Fall: Fei Wang (’05 Ph.D. ESMCH)

Spring: Brian Piccione (’05 E SC)



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