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Zachary Gray

Assistant Research Professor


  • Engineering Science and Mechanics
  • Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization





  • A.A.S., Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology, 2007
  • B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Penn State University, 2011
  • PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, Penn State, 2016


Journal Articles

  • Zachary Gray, , "Yi-xiao Liu, Z. Gray, et. Al. 3D Reconstruction of Bias Effects on Porosity, Alignment and Mesoscale Structure in Electrospun Tubular Polycaprolactone. Materials Science and Engineering C. (2021)."
  • Zachary Gray, , "• W. J. Nam, Z. Gray, J. Stayancho, V. Plotnikov, D. Kwon, S. Waggoner, D. V. Shenai-Khatkhate, M. Pickering, T. Okano, A. Compaan, and S. J. Fonash. ALD NiO Thin Films as a Hole Transport-Electron Blocking Layer Material for Photo-detector and Solar Cell Devices. ECS Trans. 66(1), 275 (2015)."
  • Zachary Gray, , "• W. J. Nam, J.-C. Dornstetter, M. Foldyna, P. Roca i Cabarrocas, Z. Gray, S. Waggoner, A.O. Cakmak, D. Neidich, and S. J. Fonash. Attaining 46% Utilization of the AM1.5G Photons Impinging per Area on a 400nm Thick nc-Si Cell Using Light Trapping Nanoelement-Arrays. The 31st EUPVSEC, 1315, (2015)."
  • Zachary Gray, , "• W. J. Nam, D. Fischer, Z. Gray, N. Nguyen, L. Ji, D. Neidich, and S. J. Fonash. 30% Increase in Available Photons per Cell Area Using Nanoelement Array Light Trapping in 700nm Thick nc-Si Solar Cells. IEEE J. Photovoltaics, 5(1), 28, (2015)."

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