ESM students display outstanding research at 16th annual research symposium


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — ESM Today 2019, the 16th annual Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM) Research Symposium, was held Saturday, February 19, in the lobby of the Earth and Engineering Sciences Building on the University Park campus.

The event, organized by the ESM Graduate Student Council, gives undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to present their work through oral and poster presentations to peers, colleagues, and faculty; exchange ideas across the various research disciplines; and hone their presentation skills.

Approximately 75 people attended this year’s event, and 27 students gave a total of 14 oral presentations and 13 poster presentations. Presenters are required to explain their work in a way that is easily understandable to both engineers and scientists who are not specialists in a presenter’s discipline.

ESM Today 2019 also featured an Art in Science exhibition where six students displayed their research using a single slide showing one impactful image of their research along with a short caption.

Oral presentations were split into two groups, with first prize in Group 1 going to Joseph Nasr for his paper titled “High Performance Glasstronics for Internet of Things (IoT).” First prize in Group 2 went to Sarbashis Das for his paper titled “Neuromorphic Synapse Using Split Gated MoS2 Transistors.” 

Amir Reza Aref took home first prize in the poster competition with “Development of high energy and power density electrochemical capacitors.” Madhuri Dey captured top honors in the Art in Science exhibition with “T cells attacking a cancer cell.”

The full list of 2019 winners includes the following:

Oral Presentations (Group 1):

  • 1st place: Joseph Nasr
  • 2nd place: Jiayang Liu
  • 3rd place: Kazim Kerim Moncal

Oral Presentations (Group 2):

  • 1st place: Sarbashis Das
  • 2nd place: Akhil Dodda
  • 3rd place: Liqiang Ren

Poster Competition:

  • 1st place: Amir Reza Aref
  • 2nd place (tie): Jeong Nyeon Kim
  • 2nd place (tie): Ning Yi

Art in Science Exhibition:

  • 1st place: Madhuri Dey
  • 2nd place: Kazim Kerim Moncal
  • 3rd place: Amirtanand Sebastian

The day’s events also included an opening keynote speech from Christine Masters, Assistant Dean for Academic Support and Global Programs. Her presentation was titled “Life is what happens while you are making other plans.”

View all presenters’ abstracts.

View Art in Science images.

View the event photos.


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