Jerome Shutzler ESM Outstanding Alumnus
Mr. Jerome C. Schutzler (Aerospace Engineering 61, 'Engineering Mechanics 64), co-founder, Spectral Engineering Inc. was one of twenty-two Penn State alumni who were honored on October 26, 2006, as Penn State Alumni Fellows.

When Jerome C. Schutzler entered Penn State, America was in the midst of the Cold War. The Soviet Union was about to orbit three Sputnik satellites, and development of space technology was a national priority. This developing "space race"--coupled with an interest in aviation--influenced by Jerry's decision to pursue an undergraduate degree in aeronautical engineering and a master's degree in engineering mechanics at Penn State.

In 1964, Jerry joined the Astronautics and Space Division at Mcdonnell Douglas. There he was responsible for the design of some of the first successful thermal protection systems for hypersonic reentry vehicles and the development of early computer programs for thermostructural analysis.

Jerry cofounded PDA Engineering in 1973, which quickly became a leader in reentry technology. At PDA, He conducted research leading to the development of high-temperature materials for hypersonic flight vehicles. From 1978 to 1990, he served on the Board of Directors and helped direct PDA's transition from private to public company in 1985. Jerry's tenure at PDA also included a project that he considers the most rewarding work of his career. In response to a critical need by the military, Jerry pioneered the development of photochromic transparencies, which are used on the B-2 Stealth Bomber and other military aircraft.

Jerry retired in 1991, but recently cofounded Spectral Engineering to respond to the military's continuing need for transparent photochromic systems.

Jerry and his wife Janice are members of the Ahterton Society, the Mount Nittany Society, and the President's Club. He is a member of the Penn State Alumni Association. Jerry also serves on the advisory boards for The Leonhard Center at Penn State and the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Washington.

Jerry and Jan live on Camano Island, WA. They have two sons, Jeff and Brian.

The Alumni Fellow program is administered by the Penn State Alumni Association in cooperation with the University's academic colleges and the Office of the President. Alumni are nominated by an academic college or campus as leaders in their professional fields and accept an invitation from the president of the University to return to campus to share their expertise with students, faculty and administrators.