In early October, ESM hosted alumni, Brian Piccione and Fei Wang at the University Park campus to celebrate their accomplishments and present them with the 2012 Early Career Recognition Award. The ESM Alumni Society has implemented such award for alums that are within ten years out of college, who have distinguished themselves at work and in their community.

Brian Piccione is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating from Penn State in 2005, Piccione attended Purdue University for his M.S., followed by a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania under advisor Ritesh Agarwal. His research interests currently include optical, electrical, and thermal transport in nanostructures. His work on light-matter coupling in semiconductor nanowires has been published in PNAS and Nano Letters, and his most recent article on all-optical switching in Nature Nanotechnology has been covered by multiple media organizations, including TIME.

Fei Wang received his Ph.D. from the ESM department in 2005 wining the Alumni Dissertation Award, and then joined Micron Technology, Inc. as an engineer. The same year, he went to work in Research and Development on projects of developing advanced memory chips. Having been working in the industry for over 7 year, Fei really like the job that he is doing and has the real opportunity of seeing how the technology advances while physical size shrinks continuingly.

ESM Congratulates Brian and Fei for their career accomplishments thus far and look forward to hearing more about their bright futures in the years to come.