Fink receives College of Engineering Staff Star Award


For more than nine years of truly exceptional service to the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM), with the last two as department head staff assistant, Melissa Fink has flawlessly, and without a hint of complaint, carried an enormous workload while providing positive and helpful interactions with students, coworkers, peers, faculty and the general public.

Fink oversees both the undergraduate and graduate program assistants who are in their first years of their positions, and has successfully guided them through the LionPath transition while learning her department head duties at a very fast pace, and providing timely and extremely competent support. At the same time, she has provided outstanding service to ESM students at a time when the undergraduate program has doubled in size, the graduate program is rapidly growing in both students and scope, and seven new faculty have been hired in the ESM department.

In almost every aspect, Fink goes above and beyond the call of duty in her dedication, knowledge and application of the faculty, undergraduate and graduate strategic missions of the Department, College and University. Indeed, she provides daily briefings to the department head and vital monthly briefings to the undergraduate coordinator, undergraduate and graduate officers, to update them on the many administrative, educational and advising changes that are imminent. Perhaps the best demonstration of her dedication is that she anticipates problems and formulates solutions before they become apparent to anyone else. She brings high-level strategic analytical skills to her position, enhancing the professional reputation of the department.

Fink is absolutely dependable in every way, shape and form and has rarely missed a work day. Moreover, she is a self-starter, works independently, always checks when she needs input, quickly asks for help when required and handles her duties with care, friendliness and a true sense of pride.

Given her tremendous achievements and unwavering dedication, she is nominated as the Staff Star for her devotion to all students, outstanding organizational skills, initiative and advanced preparation for events, support of student success, positive and always friendly attitude and for supporting the undergraduate and graduate officers, undergraduate coordinator and the department head in their advancement of student programs and faculty endeavors.


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Melissa Fink, department head staff assistant

Melissa Fink, department head staff assistant



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