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Ivica Smid

Associate Professor


  • Engineering Science and Mechanics

147B Research Building West


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Particulate composites, Refractory and hard metals, Modeling.





Journal Articles

  • G. Aggarwal, Ivica Smid, S. J. Park and R. M. German, 2006, "Development of Niobium Powder Injection Molding - Part I: Feedstock and Injection Molding", Int. J. Refractory Metals & Hard Materials

Conference Proceedings

  • A. Fuente, J. M. Martin, F. Castro and Ivica Smid, 2009, "Combustion Synthesis and Mechanical Evaluation of Dual Phase Materials Based on NiAl", 17th Euro PM2009 Conference
  • M. Kitzmantel, E. Neubauer, W. Kapuan, P. Angerer, Ivica Smid and K. Cowan-Giger, 2009, "Thermal Cycling Stability of High Thermal Conductive Diamond Metal matrix Composites", Proc. Advanced Technology Workshop and tabletop Exhibition on Thermal Management, Int. Microelectronics And Packaging Society (IMAPS)
  • E. Neubauer, Ivica Smid, M. Kitzmantel, H. F. Windisch and P. Angerer, 2009, "Preparation of High Thermally Conductive Metal-Diamond Composites via Powder Metallurgical Methods", Proc. 17th Plansee Seminar, pp. RM40/1 - RM40/6
  • H. M. Ortner, Ivica Smid and A. Molina, 2009, "The International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials - Present State, Future and Retrospective View", Proc. 17th Plansee Seminar, pp. RM88/1 - RM88/16
  • D. Cunningham, Ivica Smid and J. Keane, 2009, "Modeling the Drawing of Steel Wire with Conventional and Novel Composite Hardmetal Dies", 17th Plansee Seminar, pp. WS12/1 - WS12/10
  • Ivica Smid, D. Cunningham, E. Byrne and J. Keane, 2009, "Modeling the Drawing of Steel Wire with Nano-Engineered Composite Hardmetal Dies", Proc. 138 Annual Meeting & Exhibition of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS2009)
  • E. Neubauer, Ivica Smid, G. Requena, H. P. Degischer and P. Angerer, 2006, "Thermophysical Properties of Copper Composites Reinforced with Negative CTE Fillers", Advances in Powder Metallurgy and Particular Materials (International Conference o Powder Metalllurgy and Particulate Materials 2006), pp. 9.37-9.43

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