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Engineering Science Honors Program

Since 1953, Engineering Science has been the honors program for the Penn State College of Engineering.

The program is designed for students who excel in many areas of scientific discovery and for those who have interests in developing technologies which exploit such innovations.

The Engineering Science honors program is distinct from the Schreyer Honors College, and students can be in either program, or they may choose to participate in both.

Engineering Science students acquire a foundational breadth of knowledge—unrivaled in the College of Engineering—in mechanical, electrical, chemical and biological sciences. Physics and mathematics are included as essential skills for the Engineering Scientist.

Students have many opportunities, including an individualized choice of technical electives and a personalized thesis topic. The honors thesis combines project-related learning with the opportunity to apply academic knowledge in the practice of engineering. Click here for a list of previous thesis titles.

After completing the curriculum, Engineering Scientists from Penn State are well suited for interdisciplinary teams—often leading them. The honors program is designed to prepare students for advanced study, and it prepares them for a variety of careers ranging from research and development to medicine and law.

Engineering Scientists can be found in industry, government, higher education and other diverse fields. For example, approximately half of all Engineering Science graduates enter the top graduate schools in the country.

Our graduates are limited only by their own creativity and ingenuity.

Informational Brochure

E SC Major pamphletClick here for a brochure with details on the E SC major (Adobe Acrobat format)

Program Requirements

Engineering Science students select from the following honors-designated courses:

Required Junior/Senior-level honors courses:

  • E SC 414M Elements of Material Engineering (3)
  • E SC 404H Analysis in Engineering Science (3)
  • E SC 410H Senior Design Project (3)
  • E SC 411H Senior Design Project (3)
  • E SC 433H Engineering Science Research Laboratory Experience (1)

Optional Freshmen/Sophomore-level honors courses (at University Park):

  • E SC 261M Computational Methods in Engineering (3)
  • E MCH 110H Equilibrium Mechanics (5)
  • E MCH 112H Mechanics of Motion (3)

Optional Junior/Senior-level honors courses (6 credits minimum):

  • CHEM 38H Organic Chemistry (3)
  • B M B 251H Molecular and Cell Biology I (3)
  • E E 210H Circuits and Devices(4)
  • E MCH 416H Failure and Failure Analysis of Solids (3)
  • E SC 400H Electromagnetic Fields (3)
  • E SC 407H Computer Methods in Engineering Science (3)
  • E SC 405H Engineering Applications of Field Theory (3)

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science with Honors minimum degree requirements: 3.33 cumulative GPA

Undergraduate Program Guide - detailed information about degree requirements.

See also the E SC Program Advising Flow Chart.

Pre-Med Plan

The department offers a Pre-Med option to undergraduates who wish to pursue that field. For more information on pre-med at ESM, send email to the undergraduate officer at