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Engineering Mechanics Minor

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Program Requirements

Students must:

  • Complete at least 18 credits in Penn State Engineering Mechanics courses;
  • Take a minimum of six credits at the 400-level, and
  • Achieve a grade of C or better in each E MCH course counted toward the 18-credit minimum

The following list of courses is provided to assist students in selecting courses to satisfy the Engineering Mechanics minor requirements:


  • E MCH 210 (Statics and Strength of Materials)
  • E MCH 210H (Equilibrium Mechanics, Honors)
  • E MCH 211 (Statics)


  • E MCH 212 (Dynamics)
  • E MCH 212H (Mechanics of Motion)
  • E MCH 409 (Advanced Mechanics)
  • E MCH 412 (Experimental Methods in Vibrations)
  • E MCH 454 (Analysis and Design in Vibration Engineering)

Mechanics of Deformable Materials:

  • E MCH 210 (Statics and Strength of Materials)
  • E MCH 210H (Equilibrium Mechanics, Honors)
  • E MCH 213 (Strength of Materials)
  • E MCH 315 (Mechanical Response of Engineering Materials)
  • E MCH 316 (Experimental Determination of Mechanical Response of Materials)
  • E MCH 400 (Advanced Strength of Materials and Design)
  • E MCH 402 (Applied and Experimental Stress Analysis)
  • E MCH 403 (Strength Design in Materials and Structures)
  • E MCH 408 (Elasticity and Engineering Applications)
  • E MCH 416H (Failure and Failure Analysis of Solids)
  • E MCH 440 (Nondestructive Evaluation of Flaws--NDE)
  • E MCH 446 (Mechanics of Viscoelastic Materials)
  • E MCH 471 (Engineering Composite Materials)
  • E MCH 473/Aersp 473 (Composite Processing)

Numerical Methods/Computer Applications:

  • E MCH 407 (Computer Methods in Engineering Design)
  • E MCH 461/ME 461 (Applied Finite Element Analysis)

Admission Requirements

Students wishing to enroll in the Engineering Mechanics Minor must:

  • Have completed a background course in mathematics (MATH 250 or 251) and physics (PHYS 211),
  • Prepare an acceptable schedule for completion of requirements, and
  • Have a 2.50 grade-point average at the time of application.

Application Procedure to apply for the Engineering Mechanics minor: