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Posted by: sxc1 on Feb 16, 2009
The Engineering Science and Mechanics Graduate Student Council have announced the winners of the 5th Annual ESM Graduate Student Symposium. Congratulations to all of the winners.

Madineh Sedigh-Sarvestani
Paper Competition. Paper Grand Prize winner Madineh Sedigh-Sarvestani is shown with ESM alum and member of the ESM Alumni Advisory Board, Mr. Glen Chatfield, guest presenter.

Grand Prize - Madineh Sedigh-Sarvestani
First Place - Sean Pursel
Second Place - Sz-Chin Steven Lin
Third Place - Michael Lapsley
Honorable Mention - Yina Wei, Nick Chernyy, Jaya Koduru, Vivek Verma

Daniel Ahmed
Poster Competition. Glen Chatfield presents the Grand Prize Poster Award to Daniel Ahmed.
Grand Prize - Daniel Ahmed
First Place - Xu Huang
Second Place - Jinjie Shi
Third Place - Hongyan Yuan
Honorable Mention - Yue Bing Zheng, Changjin Huang, Dana Andre
Posted by: sxc1 on Feb 12, 2009
ESM Graduate Student Council President Daniel Ahmed invites you to attend the 5th Annual ESM Graduate Student Symposium, 9:00 a.m., Saturday, February 14, 2009. Two parallel Paper Sessions will be held in the morning in rooms 114 and 116 EES Building. The purpose of the symposium is to showcase research activities of Engineering Science and Mechanics graduate students. First through third prizes will be awarded to the best in the paper and poster competitions. This year's Symposium honors ESM Professor Emeritus Norman Davids.

ESM Today is sponsored by the ESM Graduate Student Council:
Daniel Ahmed; President
Balu Krishna Juluri; Vice-President
Madineh Sedigh-Sarvestani; Secretary
Michael Muelly; Treasurer