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Bakis, Charles E.

Bakis, Charles E.

Distinguished Professor

Office phone: (814) 865-3178
Office address: 001 Research Building West
Office hours: T, R - 9am - 10am
Office hours Location: 001 Research West
Office hours Phone: (814) 865-3178
E-mail: cbakis@psu.edu
Homepage: http://www.esm.psu.edu/wiki/research:ceb5:start

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Engineering Mechanics, Virginia Tech, 1988
  • M.S., Engineering Mechanics, Virginia Tech, 1984
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Lehigh University, 1981

Years of Service with Penn State (24 years)

  • Dec 2007 – Present Distinguished Professor
  • July 2000 – Nov 2007 Professor
  • July 1994 – June 2000 Associate Professor
  • Aug 1988 – June 1994 Assistant Professor

Other Related Experience — Teaching, Industrial, Etc.

  • July 1981 – Aug 1982 Staff Engineer, Communications Satellites, RCA Astro-Electronics, Hightstown, NJ

Recent Principal Publications

  • Bin Zhu, Christopher D. Rahn, and Charles E. Bakis (2012) “Actuation of Fluidic Flexible Matrix Composites in Structural Media,” J. Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 23(3), pp. 269–278.
  • Ye Zhu, Charles E. Bakis, and James H. Adair (2012) “Effects of Carbon Nanofiller Functionalization and Distribution on Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Multi-Scale Reinforced Polymer Composites,” Carbon, 50(3), pp. 1316–1331.
  • Ailin Liu, Kon-Well Wang, and Charles E. Bakis (2011) “Effect of Functionalization of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs) on the Damping Characteristics of SWNT-Based Epoxy Composites via Multiscale Analysis,” Composites: Part A, 42(11), pp. 1748–1755.
  • Christophe Roos and Charles E. Bakis (2011) “Multi-Physics Design and Optimization of Flexible Matrix Composite Driveshafts,” Composite Structures, 93, pp. 2231–2240.
  • Daniel Zindel and Charles E. Bakis (2011) “Nonlinear Micromechanical Model of Filament-Wound Composites Considering Fiber Undulation,” Mechanics of Composite Materials, 47(1), pp. 73–94.
  • Ambuj Sharma, Charles E. Bakis, and Kon-Well Wang (2010) “Effect of Electrostatic and Electro-Hydrodynamic Forces on the Chaining of Carbon Nanofibers in Liquid Epoxy,” J. Physics D: Applied Physics, 43(175402), pp. 1–10.
  • Ailin Liu, Kon-Well Wang, and Charles E. Bakis (2010) “Multiscale Damping Model for Polymeric Composites Containing Carbon Nanotube Ropes,” J. Composite Materials, 44(19), pp. 2301–2323.
  • Jae Ha Lee, Maria M. Lopez, and Charles E. Bakis (2009) “Slip Effects in Reinforced Concrete Beams with Mechanically Fastened FRP Strip,” Cement and Concrete Composites, 31, pp. 496–504.
  • Ying Shan, Michael Philen, Amir Lotfi, Su Yi Li, Charles E. Bakis, Christopher D. Rahn, and Kon-Well Wang (2009) “Variable Stiffness Structures Utilizing Fluidic Flexible Matrix Composites,” J. Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 20, pp. 443–456.
  • Ying Shan and Charles E. Bakis (2009) “Viscoelastic Characterization and Self-Heating Behavior of a Flexible Matrix Composite Driveshaft,” J. Composite Materials, 43, pp. 1335–1360.

Honors and Awards

  • Fellow, American Society for Composites (Aug 2010)
  • Outstanding Research Award, Penn State Engineering Alumni Society (Apr 2010)
  • Fellow, International Institute for Fiber Reinforced Polymers in Construction (2008)
  • ASC Award in Composites, American Society for Composites (2006)
  • Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (2003)
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, American Society for Engineering Education, Middle Atlantic Section (1998)
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, Penn State Engineering Society (1996)

Recent Institutional and Professional Service

  • President, American Society for Composites (Jan 2014 – Present)
  • Vice President for Membership, International Institute for Fiber Reinforced Polymers in Construction (July 2010 – Present)
  • Editor-in-Chief, J. Composites for Construction, American Society of Civil Engineers (June 2003 – Present)
  • General Chair, 28th Annual Conference, American Society for Composites, 9–11 Sep. 2013, University Park, PA. (Oct 2011 – Sept 2013)

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