Tribology/Materials Processing Lab - 113C RW

The interdisciplinary Tribology and Materials Processing Laboratory is currently housed in 113C Research West building on the west side of campus. Utilizing approximately 1800ft2 of space, the facilities include extensive testing capabilities for all of the commonly encountered wear-modes that include Sliding, Reciprocating, Fretting, and Abrasive wear modes using Pin-on-Disk, Pin-on-Ring, 4-Ball, and Cylinder-on-Plate (reciprocating down to fretting). Customized capabilities are also available for testing in severe and unique environments including elevated temperature, steam, and with various lubricants. In addition, supporting state-of the-art facilities within Engineering Science and Mechanics, the College of Engineering, and the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences include scanning-acoustic (SAM), scanning-electron (SEM), and atomic force (AFM) microscopy, nano-indentation, materials and thin-film characterization, and contact/non-contact surface profilometry facilities.

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