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What is Engineering Science?

Engineering Science is a multidisciplinary honors program that emphasizes enhanced understanding and integrated application of engineering, scientific, and mathematical principles.

The program is unique because it provides a broad foundation in the sciences and associated mathematics that underlie engineering and provides students the opportunity to obtain a depth of knowledge in an area of their choosing through technical electives and an honors thesis. The curriculum is designed for students who seek to link the engineering disciplines with science.

In addition to taking core courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, students study thermodynamics, heat transfer, electromagnetics, solid and fluid mechanics, electrical devices, materials science, and failure analysis.

During the senior year, all students select a focus area of study, complete a capstone project and write a thesis that integrates the scientific principles of research, design and analysis and applies them to engineering.

Focus areas of study include, but are not limited to, electrical, mechanical, civil, bioengineering, and materials and are typically interdisciplinary. Hence, Engineering Science students achieve both depth and breadth in engineering and science, are able to function across disciplines, and graduate well prepared for advanced studies as well as professional employment.

Our profiler, below, gives an overview of the program.